We bought a house!

Hello world,

We are the Ford’s. Two Junes ago (2009) we trucked out of California and headed to Seattle! We moved into a swanky apartment downtown and learned our way around the city. At the beginning of our first winter in Seattle, we adopted two kittens (Elliott and Perl). Then in March we found Sam and adopted her from an awesome organization called Old Dog Haven.

Sam loves us and we love her even more. So we decided we should move out of our swanky downtown apartment and find her a backyard to play in. We had a really hard time finding a rental with three pets, I looked everywhere. Finally I contacted my friend Tara (an amazing real estate agent!) to see if any houses on the market would consider renting if they weren’t selling. She wondered why we weren’t considering buying.

Why we didn’t want to buy:

We are young (with good credit, just not a lot of credit)

We wanted to put 20% down on a house.

We were going to live in Seattle a few years before we bought.

Houses are expensive and we couldn’t afford to pay a lot more then what we were paying in rent.

We wanted to live downtown still and be close to bars 🙂

She had us talk to a lender, just to see where we were at We looked the numbers between buying now with a smaller down payment as opposed to buying in a year with a larger amount of money to put down. I also went and look at several houses and town homes with her that were actually in a price rage that wouldn’t change our monthly payments a whole lot. I was really used to house prices in California, I didn’t realize what a difference it made and how many options there actually were for us.

Then I stumbled upon a yellow house with the most unbelievable location. Three miles from downtown, four blocks to one of our favorite bars, one block to the Burke Gillman! It looked awesome online and I emailed Tara about wanting to go see it. I wish I took a video of the first time I toured our house. I was squealing the whole time! Then I waked into the backyard… and I got goosebumps. This was our house. We took Dan to see it the next day and he loved it too. So we made an offer, negotiated a ton and signed some papers. We closed on November 17th, moved in on the 21st, and had our first Seattle snow on the 22nd. It was magical.

We love our yellow house! We have been moved in two weeks and we have so many ideas and plans for it. We wanted to have a place to share things we are working on and to get ideas and inspirations from others. So here we go friends, welcome to our home ❤

2 Responses to “We bought a house!”
  1. Emma says:

    Thats awesome congrats!
    We also moved up here from California too… 5 years ago… and we rented at first, and then hey literally gave us 30 days to move out because they wanted to sell. We bought a house with some help… and guess what.. we pained it yellow this summer! haha!!! yellow houses rock!
    You are in an amazing location, I am jealous!

  2. Stina says:

    Very cute house! I love the color.

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