Weekly Book

I went to 3 Goodwill’s in California and saw numerous copies of Bridget Jones’s Diary at every one. I was starting to feel bad for the poor thing, that so many people had donated it, so I grabbed it off the 99cent rack at the last Goodwill I hit before I took off. Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding I must be … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Table

Trying to figure out my table design for Thursday and this is what I’m heading towards… A full length tablecloth and lace table runner. Also, I love this unusual color pairing that is so un-fall. (Styling by Elizabeth Anne Designs Photography by Sara Gray Photography) My street tree has some amazing color on it, if the leaves hold on, I’ll bring … Continue reading

Weekly Book

I took a trip to the used bookstore on Sunday and picked up a stack of books I’ve wanted to read, and some that just looked fun. I finished three of them this week. Sometimes I forget how much I love to read. I’d like to try to read a book a week, I’ll post … Continue reading

Bed Trouble

Our bedroom is located in the finished attic of our house. It’s a long skinny room and the ceiling slants a bit, enought to bump our heads if we get too close to the walls. This photo was taken shortly after we moved in. We’ve since purchased a king bed, the bed in this photo … Continue reading

Navy Bathroom

This was a project we tackled about 6 months ago. Our only full bathroom is super tiny, typical of houses from the 1920’s, but the back wall is covered white large white tiles that are oh-so-beautiful. There weren’t too many walls to paint so I thought a bold color would work well. It was risky but totally … Continue reading

Anniversary Photos

In celebration of our third year of marriage we made the most excellent decision to have our photos taken by the amazing JERAMIE SHODA Here are a few of my favorites. Check out his work here. He is kind of amazingly incredible.