Bedding Purchase

I just went on a West Elm shopping spree last week (yay for our new Seattle store!) and I wanted to share what I bought! Dan can be oddly picky about textiles, but he totally dug this duvet cover, so I jumped at the opportunity and bought it. I totally had a coupon last week that expired, so that was a bummer since I also decided to spring for a down alternative 100% organic cotton king comforter. We’ve had our king bed for 6 months now with only a full comforter and I was so ready to have my toes covered.

Here’s the duvet cover… isn’t is FAB?!?

I also fell in LOVE with this Herringbone Quilt and it came home with me as well.

I’m pretty much not spending any more money this month. I got it in green. My bedroom is SO happy and colorful now- it’s rocking my world. We have a long way to go here as well but West Elm took us leaps in the right direction!

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