Bed Trouble

Our bedroom is located in the finished attic of our house. It’s a long skinny room and the ceiling slants a bit, enought to bump our heads if we get too close to the walls. This photo was taken shortly after we moved in.

We’ve since purchased a king bed, the bed in this photo was a full. We are both over 6 feet tall and were in need of an upgrade so our feet didn’t hang off the ends. It’s such a luxury to have my feet on a bed, you don’t even know! Anyway, the mattress is still on the floor. If we got a bed frame or a platform, we would want something super low. I’m not sure a head board would work, since the window has a sill that sticks out about 2 inces. If we did a headboard would we put it on the wall to the left on the long side of the bed (although the King is ALMOST a square right?) or would we put it in front of the windowsill?

If I had no restrictions this would totally be my dream bed, but you can see how a four poster bed just isn’t going to work with that ceiling slant.

So what to do?

I’ve looked up a couple of low king platform bed options and the pickings are pretty slim. These are the two that I’m most happy with.

Pottery Barn’s Universal Platform $549

West Elm’s Chunky Wood Bed Frame at $399 seems the least expensive option.

Here are two with low headboards that would potentially work as well. I really like the way a headboard and footboard make a bed looked finished, unlike the platform beds.

CB2’s Branch Bed at $699

West Elm’s Herringbone Bed Set on sale for $559.99 I’m not sure the foot board is a useful idea if the bed is pushed against the wall- it means Dan is climbing over me to get out of bed in the morning. This bed is crazy beautiful though.

Potentially we could hire someone to build something custom, but I’m not sure that will really be affordable. We will leave the mattress with the house someday, it took an hour for three of us to shove it up our tiny stairs, so I’m guessing we’d leave the frame as well. If I spend a significant amount of money custom building my bed frame, it’s going to be a lot harder to leave.

Then there is the option of leaving it as is, on the floor. Are there any problems with that? Do people only buy bed frames because they feel they have to? Do bed platforms really serve any purpose at all? Any ideas would be much appreciated, I’m at a total loss how to start with this oddly shaped bedroom issue.


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