I did Christmas!

Sooo Dan wasn’t super inspired for decorating, so I did it ALL by myself! I’m usually not the tree wrangler or light hanger, so I’m pretty proud of myself.

Yesterday, I walked Koji down the street where they are selling trees. I asked for the most funky, saddest looking tree, one that they would give me a heck of a deal on. The guy was super confused but then offered me this huge tree for $15! He was even more confused when I told him I was going to carry it home myself. I hauled that tree up our hill with Koji completely terrified the whole way home. The tree is a little weird… fat on the bottom, skinny on top and a little sparse. But it’s 9ft tall and smells SO wonderful. I decorated her last night- here she is in all her glory (excuse the iPhone photo)

I’ve been waiting for help with hanging lights outside and I decided tonight I was just going to do it. I tied the garland to our rail and ran lights around the door. We only have one plug outside so I had to run a 70 foot extension along the skinny side of our house and I got attacked by a blackberry in the proces. When I plugged it in it was totally worth it! I still have two more packs of lights to hang but at least I got a start!

Happy Decorating!

2 Responses to “I did Christmas!”
  1. I’m super impressed that you hauled that tree home all by yourself… and walking at that!

  2. Tamsyn says:

    My cat has taken to hanging out under the tree too. I wonder what it is that attracts them?

    Your decorating looks great 🙂

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