I did Christmas!

Sooo Dan wasn’t super inspired for decorating, so I did it ALL by myself! I’m usually not the tree wrangler or light hanger, so I’m pretty proud of myself. Yesterday, I walked Koji down the street where they are selling trees. I asked for the most funky, saddest looking tree, one that they would give me a heck of a … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Table

Trying to figure out my table design for Thursday and this is what I’m heading towards… A full length tablecloth and lace table runner. Also, I love this unusual color pairing that is so un-fall. (Styling by Elizabeth Anne Designs Photography by Sara Gray Photography) My street tree has some amazing color on it, if the leaves hold on, I’ll bring … Continue reading

Bedding Purchase

I just went on a West Elm shopping spree last week (yay for our new Seattle store!) and I wanted to share what I bought! Dan can be oddly picky about textiles, but he totally dug this duvet cover, so I jumped at the opportunity and bought it. I totally had a coupon last week that expired, so that … Continue reading