Bed Trouble

Our bedroom is located in the finished attic of our house. It’s a long skinny room and the ceiling slants a bit, enought to bump our heads if we get too close to the walls. This photo was taken shortly after we moved in. We’ve since purchased a king bed, the bed in this photo … Continue reading

Navy Bathroom

This was a project we tackled about 6 months ago. Our only full bathroom is super tiny, typical of houses from the 1920’s, but the back wall is covered white large white tiles that are oh-so-beautiful. There weren’t too many walls to paint so I thought a bold color would work well. It was risky but totally … Continue reading

The Living Room

So these photos aren’t all that current, but I wanted to at least put them out there. This is how our living room was looking as of two+ months ago. Not really much had changed, until this week (*to be revealed soon). Also, I’ve hung the 5foot painting between those two windows and it kinda looks fab. … Continue reading

Book Page Wreath

I’m so excited I finally finished a craft project! Thank goodness for the Pinterest Challenge! A friend of mine sent me this tutorial last year and I’ve been meaning to do it ever since. This was my original pin: I bought the 12″ foam wreath at Joanne’s for $3.99 and I already had a book … Continue reading

The five foot tall painting

We went to look at new doors for our yellow house at Second Use in sodo. They had SO many doors. Needless to say I got crazy overwhelmed and we did not purchase a door. However on the way put I made an impulse purchase. The five foot painting. She’s a beauty.

colors decided.

I’m so excited to share with you the colors for our living room and parlor! I can’t wait to bring more of these into what we have going so far!